Apple’s Death Cross

Apple’s stock charts have been branded with the death cross for the first time in 3 years. Its 200 day moving average ended at 194.04 and its 50 day was at 194.00. The death cross is a significant event according to a lot of investors. Historically, it has signaled a period of rapid sell off


Remember what P2P technology did to the music industry? Online marketplaces are beginning to go through a similar transformation. Imagine if people could easily host their own stores by downloading a piece of software and then sell items directly to people interested in buying them? This effectively cuts out the middleman and puts the seller

Quantum Computing

The head of IBM Research, Arvind Krishna, recently went on record saying that quantum computers will be able to instantly break encrypted data that uses the strongest security within the next few years. This will most likely be a never-ending game of cat and mouse where new encryption algorithms are created when the old ones

How Can Blockchain Reduce Corruption

Blockchain technology is not some digital panacea that can fix all of our social problems but it does have the potential to significantly cut down on corruption throughout the world. Therefore, we have a responsibility to see that it’s integrated intelligently and efficiently. The World Bank estimates businesses and individuals pay $1.5 trillion in bribes every

7 Reasons You Should Be Using The Brave Browser

  You will save money on your wireless bill by using Brave. Mobile advertisements can account for up to 79% of your bandwidth usage! Wouldn’t it feel better knowing that you’re not paying to see advertisements? Brave is available on iOS and Android. Wouldn’t it feel even better if you flipped this around and you


Cellarius is an open book that’s waiting to be brought to life by an indefinite amount of graphic artists, writers, game developers and whoever else decides to contribute. Most cyberpunk literature tends to lean towards the dystopian end of the spectrum. While Cellarius admits this is an inevitable part of their universe, they also want


MetaMask is a bridge used to connect people to Ethereum distributed applications (dApps). Without going too deep into the technical details, the dApp is an application that uses a peer-to-peer network to run the back-end code instead of a centralized server – this effectively makes the dApp immune to censorship or hacking. Metamask can be

Neon Future

Neon Future is a beautifully illustrated cyberpunk comic book. Tom Bilyeu, the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory, has helped produce a marvelous story. It depicts the future conflict between man and machine, respectively known as the Authentic and the Augmented. It’s the 2030’s, jobs have largely been automated and the world is in

Childhood’s End

Who wouldn’t get excited about a story of an advanced alien race that conquers humanity for a benevolent purpose? It’s such a wildly refreshing spin on the typical alien invasion story, one which most people would probably welcome to the real world in order to escape poverty disease, violence, and pollution. That is until they

The War on Americans

As a law-abiding citizen, I should have the right to eat a mushroom that has been used by other cultures for thousands of years. As an individual with a family history of alcoholism, I should be able to eat a mushroom that can help treat the “disease” and provide an alternative to a legal substance