Month: November 2017

Bad Apple

One of Apple’s worst exploits has recently been uncovered which allows anyone with physical access to the machine to gain admin rights. The bug only works on their newest operating system, macOS High Sierra. What makes this so bad is that anyone with knowledge of the attack would be able to perform it. All you

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Both technologies will most likely creep into the healthcare and law enforcement industries first. It’s no secret that most kids love playing video games, but this level of immersion really takes it to another level. VR Kids is a company that develops VR experiences that transport them out of the hospital and enable them to

Modular Cell Phones

Part of our income as technicians relies on repairing broken screens. It’s almost a daily occurrence that I see someone using their phone with a broken screen because it’s either too expensive or time consuming to fix. Honestly, I’d rather see more user-friendly hardware and software come onto the scene than continue to see people