Modular Cell Phones

Part of our income as technicians relies on repairing broken screens. It’s almost a daily occurrence that I see someone using their phone with a broken screen because it’s either too expensive or time consuming to fix. Honestly, I’d rather see more user-friendly hardware and software come onto the scene than continue to see people unhappy with their broken phone or screen-repair bill.

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Enter the world of the modular cellphone. The idea is that the phone is completely customizeable to fit the needs of the user (who would’ve thought?) Are most of the apps that you use storing data in the cloud? Then downsize the memory module and squeeze in a faster CPU (processor). Why should we need to buy a new phone if all we want is a better camera? Just upgrade the camera by sliding in a new one. This goes for the screen, wireless, and battery as well. However, since you most likely don’t have one of these phones, we still offer cell phone (and laptop) screen repairs!

Here’s an example of a company building such a phone:


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