Virtual and Augmented Reality

Both technologies will most likely creep into the healthcare and law enforcement industries first. It’s no secret that most kids love playing video games, but this level of immersion really takes it to another level. VR Kids is a company that develops VR experiences that transport them out of the hospital and enable them to link up with other kids going through similar experiences. There will be a lot of other benefits such digital therapies, virtual classrooms for kids that don’t have access to one, and virtual market places.

Augmented reality will create another efficiency gain comparable to when we went from typewriters to the desktop computers. Here is a video showing a technician setting up a wind turbine top box with a manual compared to using augmented reality. Using AR, he completed the task 34% faster. We’re already unchained from our desk thanks to the cell phone and laptop, yet we’re still locked into looking at our digital world on a separate screen. Overlaying the two is the next logical step and it is time we start thinking about how we can leverage this technology for our own business and benefit.

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