Month: June 2018

Pet and Carebots

Bedside robots could take on about one-third of the tasks now done by nurses, and almost a quarter of that done by hospital doctors, according to a recent study by former health minister Lord Darzi. These carebots could ultimately save the National Health Service about £12.5bn a year, which is a tenth of its budget.


The most common argument I hear against a universal basic income is that it would encourage laziness and antisocial behavior. If UBI was implemented just like our welfare system, then they would be right. But we are blessed with the gift of hindsight, humans learn from past experiences. We know some form of welfare is

Smart City

Google has a division called Sidewalk Labs that is working on bringing our cities into the 21’st century. Its first project is in Toronto and aims to make the city more efficient, safer, cheaper to live in, and most importantly, bring people closer together using technology. Most people think technology has done the exact opposite,

Universal Basic Income

Imagine being a teacher and hearing that someone on welfare is getting paid more than you. Now imagine being on welfare and applying to a full-time job that pays less than what you’re already getting for doing absolutely nothing. Both perspectives are anxiety-inducing, it’s not fair for either side. We need to start considering Universal

Export a PST from 365

Exporting a PST file from 365 requires about 20 more steps than actually necessary, there are a few issues that you may run into along the way even if you successfully jump through all the hoops. The two key pieces of information are: Update .NET to the latest version and use the Microsoft Edge browser For some

Psilocybin For Depression and Anxiety

There’s a lot of buzz floating around about the promises of psychedelics on those with depression and even healthy individuals. Norwegian scientists took data from a trial of 536 adults diagnosed with alcoholism, nearly 60% of those given an adequate dose of LSD either dramatically cut back on their drinking or quit completely. The control

Free Electricity

Solar Sells After decades of research, silicon-based solar cells are close to reaching their maximum theoretical efficiency, which is around 21%. Researchers have now discovered an economically viable alternative which coats the solar cells with a mineral called perovskite. This brought the efficiency up to more than 25%, and they’re expecting it to go up

Transcranial Stimulation

Most would gawk at someone with electrodes placed on their head to improve cognition. Yet no one thinks twice of another person smoking a cigarette or drinking a red bull. Modafinil, Ritalin, and Adderall are also abundant today, especially with our children – if there are alternatives to these psychotropic pharmaceuticals then we need to

Quantum Encryption

Earlier this year another quantum leap was made by smashing the previous quantum entanglement distance record. Using entangled photons and quantum encryption, a message was sent over a distance of 1,200 km (746 miles). Without getting too deep into the technical details (and me pretending to understand how it all works), a photon is essentially

Lab-Grown Meat

Imagine eating a crispy chicken nugget, and then running around next to you is the chicken that you’re eating. Enter the world of lab-grown meat. Today scientists can take a small tissue sample from a chicken, and then create an environment that the cells need to continue replicating – all without killing the original host.