3D Printers

If you thought illegal file sharing was bad in the music industry, wait until 3D printers go mainstream. When the day comes, you’ll be able to take a picture of just about anything, customize it however you want, and have it printed out and delivered to your doorstep the same day (or print it out right there and then in your own house). Don’t have a house? Well, let’s print you one! Today, there are giant cement-spewing machines printing out houses layer by layer. The one in the video below was built in the US and costs less than $4,000.

Have you been craving those limited edition Adidas sneakers that only cost $1,099? Well, just print them out and add some customization on them while you’re at it! Bumped a few too many lines while you were out raving with your pals? Print out a brand new ticker that uses your own stem cells. Now no one needs to die to save you from your own poor decisions in life. They predict that about 100,000 airplane parts will soon be 3D printed which will make them more efficient, safer, and cheaper (or more likely, make the CEOs more money). As with any new technology, there will be drawbacks, we will need to properly regulate the files that have blueprints for things like weapons, chemical synthesizers, and medical implants. And for those of you who’ve seen Stargate, I’ll just leave this here:

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