Transcranial Stimulation

Most would gawk at someone with electrodes placed on their head to improve cognition. Yet no one thinks twice of another person smoking a cigarette or drinking a red bull. Modafinil, Ritalin, and Adderall are also abundant today, especially with our children – if there are alternatives to these psychotropic pharmaceuticals then we need to at least consider them. Transcranial stimulation soaks specific parts of the brain with electricity to alter the mood or cognition of the individual wearing the device. The military is now turning to TS to increase the cognitive ability of their drone pilots and speed up the training process for their snipers, working memory can be augmented through the use of TS as well.

Transcranial Stimulation

There are dozens of products on the market pushing this technology, however, I can not speak for any of them and would rather hold off until I try one myself. There’s a ton of research out there on the effects of TS, please go over some of the ones listed in this post and do your own research. Other methods of increasing cognition and awareness exist, like deep breathing exercises and meditation, so please investigate those as well. Depression can also be treated with TS, combining TS with certain antidepressants seems to have a synergistic effect. A lot of people avoid TS due to the negative public perception associ­ated with it and the potential cognitive adverse effects. My goal here is to spread awareness of the technology and encourage other people to speak to their physician if they think they could benefit from it. I do wonder what the limits of this technology are. Will we eventually be able to excite certain parts of the occipital lobe to create images within the mind? What other disorders could this technology help treat? 


As I was doing research on this subject I discovered that using a mouthguard can be an effective treatment for certain disorders. Please always consult a doctor about any medical conditions you have. If you suffer from Parkinson’s or any other disorder that affects movement, consider using a mouthguard to see if it improves your condition. A thick enough mouthguard has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of a percentage of individuals with certain motor disorders. And if you’re a white man working on your ups, it has also been shown to increase one’s vertical leap.

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