Smart City

Google has a division called Sidewalk Labs that is working on bringing our cities into the 21’st century. Its first project is in Toronto and aims to make the city more efficient, safer, cheaper to live in, and most importantly, bring people closer together using technology. Most people think technology has done the exact opposite, which is not far from the truth. However, the immense potential that technology contains to reawaken our innate social behavior is awe-inspiring; if we keep this idea in the forefront of our minds, it will come to fruition. The video below shows one possible version of our future, while it may not seem like a practical solution, we should at least carefully study what can be used and then discard the rest.

Over the centuries our civilization has been going through growing pains. Our species has finally planted its feet and we are beginning to take our first steps into the unknown. Our consciousness will have to keep pace with our technology but our minds are more powerful than we could possibly imagine. If we try to open our eyes to what’s possible and focus on the good in the world (while addressing the bad), then I believe we will continue to move in the right direction. The areas in which we are raised will have an enormous impact on how our kids are raised and the way we interact with people. If we can reduce our pollution, the homeless population, our commute time to and from work– it will ultimately lead to a happier and more sustainable life.

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