The most common argument I hear against a universal basic income is that it would encourage laziness and antisocial behavior. If UBI was implemented just like our welfare system, then they would be right. But we are blessed with the gift of hindsight, humans learn from past experiences. We know some form of welfare is necessary, however, we are also well aware that the system is abused and people get paid to do nothing while others slave away for possibly less. A system in which people are paid to improve themselves is the next step. If you’re receiving a check, and don’t have any meaningful work or volunteer activities to attend to – then you should be improving yourself. I feel that that is one of our biggest failures in our society.

Today, you can learn from the best teachers in the world – online, and for free. This can be done at your own pace without contributing to congestion on the highways or pollution of our environment. After a class or course is completed, the student could earn some sort of social credit which would be backed by our government. Volunteer hours can also be converted into this social currency. Some form of work is necessary for humans to thrive, but we need to change our definition of work. Working on your own personal development, or the development of others, will obviously lead to a happier and more fulfilling life, and there will be a domino effect that will diffuse throughout the entire society. Humans need a new set of challenges in order to continue the development of our consciousness. Having an abundance of time is not inherently bad, it’s how we encourage and incentivize people to spend that time which will ultimately lead to a net positive or negative result.

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