Month: July 2018

Brave Browser

The Brave browser was built to reward content creators, block annoying ads and increase security while browsing the web. The idea is to allow advertisers and consumers to pay the content creators directly without going through a middleman. Google and Facebook currently take 73% of all ad dollars so a majority of the money is

Burger Bot

Today it’s a novelty to see a robot flipping a burger, or in this case, making the entire thing. However, in the future, we will see a reversal of these roles. It’s going to be a pleasant surprise to consistently find exactly what you ordered in the bag. Humans are prone to errors especially when

Virtual Realty

It’s 8 AM and you stop to talk to one of your coworkers before a meeting, after the meeting you finish the rest of your work and call it a day. At this point, most people would have to drive back home, but at eXp Realty you simply log out of the virtual world where

The Great American Streetcar Scandal

The internet always loves a good conspiracy, even more so when it’s true. A lot of people in the US realize that public transportation isn’t where it should be, especially when compared to other countries. Yet, it seems few know that there was a massive conspiracy to tear down the infrastructure of the public transportation

Learning to Learn the Guitar

I know a lot of technophiles that are into music so I’d like to share what I’ve learned during my guitar-playing journey. When I first started learning guitar I picked up an intro to guitar book and they had me playing sheet music right away. Rarely, did it sound anything like music and I gave

Decentralized Data Storage

Data-storage is a multibillion-dollar business and there are a lot of companies clawing their way into the industry. The key is making it secure, fast, and affordable – usually, you’re told to pick just one or two. As we push more data into the hands of the gatekeepers (Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook) we are relinquishing

Mesh Network

It’s 2014 and the Chinese government is beginning to censor the internet because thousands of pro-democracy supporters took to the streets to challenge limitations of voter rights. Usually, the loudest voices in this scenario would be quickly silenced, however, an app called FireChat is beginning to shift some of the power back to the people.

Model 3

Successfully mass producing the Model 3 is a pivotal point that will decide the future financial health for Tesla. The Model 3 is supposed to be the first affordable all-electric vehicle for the masses. Starting at around $35,000, the standard model will have a range of 220 miles and the long-range model should get a