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The Brave browser was built to reward content creators, block annoying ads and increase security while browsing the web. The idea is to allow advertisers and consumers to pay the content creators directly without going through a middleman. Google and Facebook currently take 73% of all ad dollars so a majority of the money is being diverted away from the content creators themselves. In the future, the browser plans on rewarding users who do watch advertisements by paying them in BAT (Basic Attention Tokens). You might be saying to yourself, “Getting paid to watch advertisements? What a concept!” Instead of pressing skip on that 30-second youtube advertisement, you might reconsider if they immediately pay you after watching the ad. In addition to earning money directly by watching ads, you can actually save money by reducing the amount of data eaten by mobile advertisements. Mobile ads can account for up to 79% of the data that you pay for each month. Think about that for a second, an average of around 48% of our mobile data is being spent on advertisements.  

The Brave browser can also provide additional security by blocking malware being spread by advertisements and scripts that are run on websites. However, one concern that I have about the browser is that it may leak your IP address if you’re using a VPN via a vulnerability in the WebRTC protocol. If you’re using a VPN then you can test if your IP is being leaked by going to You might be able to prevent the leak by installing the Disable WebRTC add-on. The development team stated that they are actively working on this, but this may be a deal breaker for certain users. Brendan Eich, the founder of the Brave Browser is also the inventor of Javascript and former CEO of Mozilla Firefox. Brave recently amassed 3 million monthly active users and made the top 10 list in the Play Store in 21 countries. If you’re interested in joining the community, please consider using this referral link below to download the Brave browser – I’ll get $5 in BAT tokens and you’ll get fewer ads. If you do block ads please consider how you are going to support your favorite content creators because a lot of them do rely on ad-revenue – this is one of the problems Brave/BAT is trying to solve but enough people will have to use it to make it work.


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