No Strings Attached

Both Valve and Oculus recently announced that their wireless version of virtual reality is finally within reach. The VIve Wireless Adapter will cost you $299 in addition to the Vive VR headset ($499 for the Vive or $799 for the Vive Pro ) – and don’t forget about a powerful VR capable computer! However, I can vouch for this technology (excluding the wireless adapter). The Vive is everything you would expect it to be, it’s a fully immersive 3D experience that will take your breath away the first time you try it on. My only gripe with it was the fact that you were literally tied to the computer, with VR you’re meant to move around and being tethered to the computer prevents you from completely disconnecting from reality. How comfortable the headset will be with the added weight of the adapter is another matter as well, the first version of the Vive was noticeably heavy after an hour or two of use.

Oculus seems to be keeping pace with HTC as they’re releasing a wireless version called the Oculus Quest. It’s scheduled to be released sometime in Spring 2019. What’s interesting here is the price and the fact that it is a standalone device – no PC required! The Oculus quest plans to sell for $399 which is a very fair price considering you won’t need a supercomputer to enjoy the VR experience. Oculus stated that the resolution will be 1600×1440 per eye (superior to the Rift). It almost sounds too good to be true so we’ll have to wait until the product is out to get the verdict out. Stay tuned for more!


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