Childhood’s End

Who wouldn’t get excited about a story of an advanced alien race that conquers humanity for a benevolent purpose? It’s such a wildly refreshing spin on the typical alien invasion story, one which most people would probably welcome to the real world in order to escape poverty disease, violence, and pollution. That is until they see what the Overlords look like.

Another element that separates this piece from most of the other sci-fi books out there is that it attempts to unify the dichotomy between religion and science. Throughout the world’s religions are stories of clairvoyance, telepathy, angels, and demons. While this may be my interpretation of the book, it attempts to explain how religion is an expression of phenomena that science cannot yet prove or understand. Clark did a wonderful job conveying this idea through all of the symbolism spread throughout the story. Even at face value, the book is an engrossing read. If you’re not an avid book reader (which I am certainly not) then consider watching the 3-episode miniseries.


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