Neon Future

Neon Future is a beautifully illustrated cyberpunk comic book. Tom Bilyeu, the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory, has helped produce a marvelous story. It depicts the future conflict between man and machine, respectively known as the Authentic and the Augmented. It’s the 2030’s, jobs have largely been automated and the world is in the grips of a global recession. The U.S. government blames technology for the world’s woes, so they enact a law known as “The Return”. This authoritarian government promises to return peace and prosperity to the people by reverting to a simpler time – one without advanced technology. This creates a war between humans and those who’ve augmented themselves with advanced prosthetic devices.

Neon Future

                                                                               Spoilers Below!

The leader of the Authentics, Clay Campbell, is involved in a car wreck which is undoubtedly orchestrated by the Augmented. When the paramedics arrive on the scene, another group more determined to save his lifeless body intervene. The Augmented transport Clay to one of their hideouts, this is where the leader of the Augmented makes his first appearance. Kita is determined to save the lives of his people by saving the life of his biggest enemy. His strategy is the way of the butterfly, he knows fighting fire with fire will lead to a perpetual war between the two factions. The surgeons are able to bring Clay back to life by turning him into someone he would’ve killed just days prior. After they finish installing his new wetwear, he begins to see what it’s like to live as the Augmented.

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