Cellarius is an open book that’s waiting to be brought to life by an indefinite amount of graphic artists, writers, game developers and whoever else decides to contribute. Most cyberpunk literature tends to lean towards the dystopian end of the spectrum. While Cellarius admits this is an inevitable part of their universe, they also want it to have a more optimistic outlook on the future of humanity. Today, anything with the word blockchain instantly adds a hype factor of 10x, and Cellarius is no exception to this rule. The objective is to create a collaborative, fan-curated universe. However, according to the founder of the project, Igor Lilic, the underlying goal of this project is to, “figure out some new economics for intellectual property.” If done successfully, this could be repeated for any genre.

I cannot pretend to understand how everything works and even if I did, explaining it in layman’s terms would be no easy task. A ConsenSys engineer recently said, “At a certain point, you break through it, you come to understand it all, and then the door closes behind you, and then you just get it but can’t explain it. All the words you use to explain it are words people on the other side of the door don’t understand.” While I have not yet seen this in action, I feel it is safe to spread the idea since they are not (yet) claiming to start an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or asking for money. They just want people to join the community and build a world where like-minded people can immerse themselves and discuss the future of humanity. Check out Cellarius and join the Alpha if this sounds like something that interests you.

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