7 Reasons You Should Be Using The Brave Browser


  • You will save money on your wireless bill by using Brave. Mobile advertisements can account for up to 79% of your bandwidth usage! Wouldn’t it feel better knowing that you’re not paying to see advertisements? Brave is available on iOS and Android.
  • Wouldn’t it feel even better if you flipped this around and you were paid to see ads? Brave is now paying users to watch advertisements in an effort to evenly distribute who benefits from promoting and viewing advertisements.
  • The new browser is unbelievably fast, 22% faster than the previous version. It’s the fastest browser experience I’ve ever had.
  • It is the simplest way to familiarize yourself with the Metamask project, Tor Tabs (a portal into the ‘dark web’), and the Basic Attention Token (BAT).
  • The Brave Browser comes with a built-in BAT wallet. From here you can get paid in BAT from other users who have the currency. You can also tip people using BAT, just go to their website, click on the BAT icon and send a tip!
  • You are joining a massive community that supports privacy and the right to not be exploited by advertisers. Branden Eich is the founder of Brave, he is also the guy who invented JavaScript. He left Mozilla and decided to start this project. It is a revolutionary idea and it’s exciting to watch how the project is rapidly evolving.
  • With ad-blockers becoming more popular, you are giving content creators an alternative to making money. A lot of content creators simply can’t support themselves without the money that they make off of advertisements. However, the current model of online advertising is intrusive and distracting. Now, users can decide themselves if they want to opt-in or out of viewing advertisements, and also give them the option of tipping the content creator directly.

Be Brave

To wrap things up, the Brave browser is definitely something to get excited about. We are seeing the slow death of many different industries as the Web 3.0 comes online. Getting ahead of the curve will enable you to adapt your business, or simply your online browsing habits, so you won’t be left hanging using outdated software or methods of making money. Think about the slow divergence away from Internet Explorer, do you really think that that can’t happen again? Everything is beginning to live in the browser, we are going to see certain browsers take over certain niches, at the very least this is what Brave is going to accomplish. If you think you could benefit from viewing fewer advertisements or you’re interested in getting paid to watch advertisements, then download brave and give it a try. After downloading it and setting up a wallet, you should have 25 free BAT if the promotion is still running. Feel free to test out the tipping feature on my site 🙂

Side Note

The one thing to keep in mind is the ‘Shield’ – it blocks all trackers and advertisements, if you notice any glitches within a website, the quickest way to solve it is by disabling the shield in the top right. Please send me an email or comment below if you have any questions. Have fun!

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